custom sunroof installation

Factory installed sunroofs are usually only offered in a single style for each car model. On the other hand, after market sunroofs are offered in many styles and selection is only limited by the size of the vehicle's roof. For those who want to make a style statement, a custom sunroof installation can add beauty and value to a car, van or truck.

Pop Up Sunroofs

The pop up sunroof is usually the least expensive option for custom sunroof installation. They are available in glass, acrylic and steel panels. Pop ups usually have hinges on the front side and latches on the rear side. The latches are released and the sunroof opens about three or four inches to allow air to flow through the car. The pop up remains fixed in place and can only be opened or closed. Pop ups are operated manually from inside the vehicle and are not available with electric installation.

Sliding Sunroofs

There are actually two styles of sliding sunroof, the slider and the spoiler. The spoiler slides back on tracks that are mounted on the exterior roof of the car. It pops up and then slides back to create an opening in the car roof. Spoilers may be manually or electrically operated. Sliders have tracks that are located between the car roof and the head liner and are usually operated electrically or electronically. Both styles are available in glass and acrylic panels and spoilers may be available in steel.

Panoramic Sunroofs

Typically, panoramic sunroofs are made in two or more panels and cover a large area of the car roof. The sunroofs open by sliding one panel over the other with openings over both front and rear seats. The panels usually slide on tracks mounted on the car roof, but pop ups may be available for some cars. As a rule, panoramic sunroofs are the most expensive to install due to both their size and the complexity of the mechanisms. Panoramic sunroofs may be manually or electrically operated.

T-Tops and Targa Sunroofs

T-tops and Targa sunroofs involve removing sections of the car roof and replacing them with removable panels. In T-tops the center portion of the roof is left intact and molded pieces replace the sides of the roof. In the Targa sunroof the entire center section of the car roof is removed and a panel is fitted between the front and the back. These styles are popular on sports cars and are available in steel, glass and acrylic panels. This option is expensive due to the extensive bodywork necessary to properly fit the panels.

Folding Sunroofs

Folding sunroofs are usually made from vinyl fabric similar to that used in making convertible soft tops. More popular in Europe than in the U.S., folding sunroofs have been offered on the VW Beetle for many years. The American-made Jeep Liberty offers the option of a folding sunroof and these may be operated manually or electrically. Folding sunroofs allow for a large roof opening on all types of cars, even subcompact models, but are one of the more expensive options for sunroof installation.

Custom sunroofs come in an amazing array of styles, tinted or clear glass, acrylic and steel panels. Prices vary by size and style and most car owners can find an option to fit their life style, their vehicle and their budget.