sunroof installation costs

Sunroof kits can be found on the internet for under $200 for a pop up sunroof and under $400 for an electric spoiler, but these prices are only for parts and do not include installation costs. Sunroof installation is not a DIY project because improperly installed sunroofs can leak and cause damage to the vehicle.

Pop Up Sunroof Installation Costs

Depending on the size of the sunroof and whether the panel is removable, the cost of an installed pop up sunroof is between $249 and $699. Prices vary between shops so it is smart to get several quotes and compare them. Before selecting a dealership or auto shop for sunroof installation, consumers should check consumer reviews, or if reviews are not available, contact the local Better Business Bureau to find out if the business has had any complaints filed.

Spoilers and External Sliders

External sliders or top mounted sunroofs are no longer being sold as aftermarket options because improvements to the spoiler style have made them obsolete. Spoilers tilt and slide and are available with a variety of options including integrated sunshades and one touch electronic controls. This type of sunroof is well suited to small cars and pickup trucks with short roofs since it needs less space for tracks than other options. Prices range from about $600 to about $900.

Moonroofs (Internal Sliders)

Glass panels that slide between the roof and the headliner, these internal sliding sunroofs take away some interior head room when installed. This is because the tracks are mounted between the interior and exterior roof of the car. Internal sunroofs require more labor than spoilers or pop ups and are available with either a trimmed or wrapped finish on the interior. In the wrapped finish, the cloth headliner is simply wrapped around the interior opening. Operation is either electric or electronic (one touch) and installation costs are between $1000 and $1600 including parts.

Folding or Rag Top Sunroofs

It might seem that this soft top option would be less expensive than glass panels, but it actually costs more than most other types of sunroofs. Folding sunroofs provide a larger opening than most other styles and cost between $1200 and $1800 to install. They may have manual, electric or electronic operation and are being offered as factory options on both European and American model cars. Electrically powered rag tops tend to seal more tightly than manually operated models making them a better option.

T-Top, Targa and Panoramic Sunroofs

T-top and Targa sunroofs are no longer being manufactured and aren't available for aftermarket installation. Panoramic sunroof systems are large sunroofs with multiple panels that usually have two or more openings and cover most of the roof of the car. Aftermarket versions are only available with electric and electronic controls although some factory installed models may be manual. Panoramic sunroofs have a price range of $1200 to $1800 and can be installed on most types of vehicles.

Even vehicle owners with a modest budget can afford to install a sunroof in their car. Installation may be offered at dealerships, custom body shops and by companies that specialize in auto glass installation. Comparing prices can save money and choosing a reputable installer will save frustration and headaches.